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Jason Statham: I’m not a brand

Published: March 19, 2012 | 10:06 am
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Jason Statham doesn’t see himself as a brand – as he’s nothing like Kim Kardashian.

The Hollywood hardman has discussed his career in a new interview with Details magazine. He doesn’t understand why people persist in asking if he is a brand, as he just loves to act.

The star also drew a distinction between himself and people who are open about all aspects of their lives, seemingly slamming reality TV star Kim in the process.

“F**k no, why should I?” he replied, when the magazine asked if he views himself as a brand. “F**k ‘em. Kim Kardashian’s a brand.”

Jason’s comments echo those of Mad Men star Jon Hamm, who recently appeared to slam Kim and Paris Hilton as “f**king idiots”. He later insisted he hadn’t meant the musing to be personal.

Jason went on to talk about his upbringing in London, UK. He was raised to have a “relentless thirst for a discount” which he believes helped him hone a Hollywood career.

The 44-year-old can see though flattery and insincere comments.

“So much of this industry is buried in bulls**t. You’re pretending to be something onscreen, fine. But it’s also the way it plays out here, every day. ‘Yeah, we love you, can’t wait to put you in a movie’. It’s f**king bulls**t,” he fumed. “Not to be entirely negative, mind you, because there’s so much talent here, so many people that are righteous. But believe me, there’s so much that ain’t, and you see that coming in so thick. I did it for a living. I see it before it enters the room. And usually I know just to point my compass elsewhere.”

The star also claimed having an agent was “useless” when he tried it, and said drama school wasn’t something which ever interested him.

Jason added that although he sounds jaded, he really loves his job. He’s known for being an action hero having starred in releases such as The Expendables and the Transporter movies.

“I’m two, three duds from being back on the street. Of course I’m looking for the perfect vehicle, a more intellectual action film, perhaps,” he explained.

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