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Investing in Georgia is as Safe as Investing in any Country in Europe

Published: October 3, 2014 | 1:46 pm
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69th UN General Assembly Session

The 69th Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 69), which took start at UN Headquarters on September 16, was presented from Georgia by the country’s Prime Minister. During different high-level gatherings IrakliGaribashvili delivered speeches acquainting world leaders and international business community with Georgia’s political, economic and social development perspectives, stressing that the country’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration is an irreversible process.

September 22

Georgia’s Social protection strategy, issue of IDPs and healthcare projects were the main topics delivered by Georgian Prime Minister IrakliGaribashvili during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly’s 29th Special Session-Implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in the UN Headquarters.

Garibashvili put the main stresses on the dignified return of internally displaced persons and improvement of their living condition. According to the Prime Minister, over 450 000 people were internally displaced by several waves of conflict, and the conditions of their safe, voluntary and dignified return have not been fulfilled yet.

“The principal goal of the government remains to promote the social-economic integration and improved living conditions of IDPs until their safe and dignified return is possible,” declared Georgian PM.

According to him, this Session is coming at a time when our world faces a number of critical challenges. It is imperative for us to strengthen our resolve and implement the ICPD Agenda, which is vital for achieving the Millennium Development Goals and defining our post-2015 development agenda.

“During the last 20 years, since the adoption of the ICPD Programme of Action, Georgia made considerable progress in advancing the ICPD agenda in several priority directions,”Garibashvili

In his words, Georgia’s population agenda has been very successful to date: fewer women are dying in childbirth, more unwanted pregnancies are prevented, and young people’s opportunities have expanded. “But much more needs to be done.”

Prime Minister of Georgia spoke about the initiatives focused on caring for Georgian population and improving their wellbeing. He stressed the government’s flagship program on Universal Health Care (UHC) launched last year that ensured every citizen of Georgia with a basic package of out-patient, in-patient and emergency health services.

“Georgia also has a comprehensive social protection strategy with the primary focus on the protection against poverty in old age and targeted assistance to poor and vulnerable people,” Georgian PM highlighted.

As the Head of Government pointed out, public-private solidarity fund will mobilize non-budgetary resources to support the most vulnerable.

He also noted that On December 26, 2013, the Parliament of Georgia ratified the Convention on the Right of the Persons with Disabilities. Then, on January 20, 2014 the Government adopted a new action plan to ensure equal opportunities of persons with disabilities.Georgia has taken several legislative and institutional steps to address the Human rights challenges, including adopting a National Human Rights Strategy for 2014-2020, the National Human Rights Action Plan for 2014-2015, and a new Anti-discrimination Law.

Despite these remarkable achievements, much remains to be done. We are mindful of the challenges that still remain to improve the quality of lives of all our people, ensure equality and equity, and protect the environment for succeeding generations. We therefore share the urgency of the findings of the review,” he said. “My country is proud to join the international community in reaffirming its support for the ICPD Programme of Action and stands ready to further contribute to this effort.”

September 23

Official reception held on behalf of President of Turkey RecepTayyip Erdogan

Prime Minister of Georgia IrakliGaribashvili attended the official reception within the framework of 69th Session of UN General Assembly held on behalf of President of Turkey RecepTayyip Erdogan.On the reception, President Erdogan hosted the representatives and heads of delegations, participating in the General Assembly.The event with the prime minister was attended by the Minister of foreign affairs Maia Panjikidze and Permanent Representative of Georgia to the United Nations KakhaImnadze.


Later that day Garibashvili met with RecepTayyip Erdogan. The meeting lasted longer than was scheduled. Trade and Economic relationships were the key issues discussed by the leaders of two countries. Prime Minister of Georgia and President of Turkey has negotiated,that the signing of bilateral agreements of investment protection will be accelerated. They also discussed the greatest importance of the South Caucasus Pipeline. The President of Turkey expressed once again the full support towards territorial integrity of Georgia. “Turkey supports Georgia, on the way which is called Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” the President stated.


Meeting with the President of Latvia

The same day Georgian PM also met with the President of Latvia. Close partnership relations and perspectives of deepening cooperation between Georgia and Latvia were discussed at the mutual meeting by IrakliGaribashvili and AndrisBerzins which was held within the UN general assembly. The head of the government of Georgia thanked the president of Latvia for supporting Georgia in European integration processes and for the non-recognition policy of occupied regions. He also expressed his gratitude regarding that Latvia was one of the first country which ratified Georgia’s association agreement with the EU. At the meeting the importance of signing the association agreement with the EU was emphasized. IrakliGaribashvili informed AndrisBerzins about the current reforms of Georgia which considers performing the obligations of the association agreement. The parties discussed the Ukraine crisis and emphasized the importance of security in the region.

Official Reception held on behalf of President Bill Clinton and Clinton’s Global Initiative

IrakliGaribashvili with his spouse attended the official reception held on behalf of President Bill Clinton and his spouse Hillary Clinton.Head of the Government of Georgia talked with Bill and Hillary Clinton and with high ranked guests invited on the reception.

Georgian PM also attended the Plenary Session of Clinton’s Global Initiative in New York where politicians, international leaders, academic and business circles and civil society representatives discuss global challenges.

“Let’s support civil society,” the US President Barack Obama addressed the participants of the plenary session with these words.”Here presidents, prime ministers, state leaders are gathered but we are not the main figures – civil society is the main thing!” Obama stated.

Innovations of public groups were the major topics of the plenary session – overcoming poverty all over the world, availability of healthy food, necessity of water and sanitary conditions.

The event was organized by Bill Clinton. President Clinton urged the society to more involvement in overcoming global problems and integrity.

UN Climate Summit

“The time for action is now before climate change creates widespread and unpredictable change around the world and jeopardizes the lives of millions of people”, the Prime Minister of Georgia stated during his speech at the UN Climate Summit.

According to IrakliGaribashvili, difficult terrain makes Georgia vulnerable to the natural threats such as flood, mudflow and landslide.”Due to the sea level rise, storms and coast erosion process have intensified, resulting in the destruction of coastline and infrastructure. Therefore, I fully share all concerns expressed by distinguished delegates and subscribe to the joint call to effectively address the existing challenges.”

In his words, Georgia is committed to progressive action on mitigating climate change.As the head of the government noted in his speech, Georgia is already taking progressive action on climate change now.

“We are currently preparing a Low Emission Development Strategy together with the US Government, which will provide an integrated comprehensive pathway for long-term, sustainable development and help to meet international climate change commitments. Georgia is working on the preparation on National Appropriate Mitigation Actions and is proud to have achieved the first match in the UNFCCC NAMA registry,” the Prime Minister pointed out.

IrakliGaribashvili also discussed hydropower potential of Georgia and emphasized that the government enhances renewable energy development.

September 24

Georgian Film Retrospective in New York Museum of Modern Art

“Discover the Georgian cinematography” – IrakliGaribashvili, with his wife, NunukaTamazashvili opened Georgian film retrospective in New York Museum of Modern Art.

In his speech the head of the government spoke about the traditions of Georgian cinema, and according to him, this show is a clear demonstration that Georgian cinema is attractive for the whole world.

“We are obviously proud of Georgia’s filmmaking tradition. We have been making powerful and beautiful films for over a century. It is an important part of our culture. Georgian cinema is a true reflection of Georgian reality. It developed alongside our country’s political, social, economic and cultural life… Our goal is to restore the past glory of the Georgian cinema and search for new directions,” the Prime Minister stated.

According to Garibashvili, the government pays great attention to the development of Georgian cinematography, and will do its best to promote Georgian cinema and culture.

Retrospective in MoMa was opened by silent film of NikolozShengelaia – “Eliso”. Together with the Prime Minister, the movie show was attended by the Georgian delegation to UN General Assembly. Up to 50 films will be demonstrated within the Georgian cinema retrospective show.

General Debate of General Assembly

IrakliGaribashvili, attended the general debate of 69th session of UN General Assembly in New York.A General-Secretary of the UN, Ban-Ki-moon, opened General Debates. President of USA, Barak Obama delivered a speech on the opening of the debates.

IEA’s Global Investment Symposium

The Prime Minister of Georgia delivered a speech at the seventh annual Global Investment Symposium organized by International Economic Alliance. He informed the representatives of the world business about the investment potential of Georgia.

“Investing in Georgia is as safe as investing in any country in Europe, except that your costs and taxes will be lower, there will be fewer regulatory burdens, and, of course, your returns will be higher,” declared Georgian PM.

IrakliGaribashvili informed the audience on the implemented reforms. As he explained, for the purpose of attracting foreign investments, the Government of Georgia started new initiatives, aiming at reducing risks and increasing revenues. He also encouraged businessmen to use the investment potential of Georgia and invited them to Tbilisi, to International Investment Forum – “Georgia – Regional Hub and Asia’s Gateway to Europe”.

“My government values the close, strategically important relationship with the United States and Europe, and I see great potential for future political, economic, and security collaboration. The people of Georgia greatly appreciate the consistent support we have received from the United States,” noted Georgian PM. “We also appreciate the deep ties we have with our neighbors: Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, as well as our growing trade and political relationships with countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.”

In his words, furthermore, because Georgia enjoys free trade or near free trade with all its neighbors, including the CIS, Turkey, and now the EU, and a market of a total of 900 million, manufacturers looking for a much safer and easier business environment are choosing to establish their factories in Georgia and utilize the country’s great transit services to ship their products tariff-free around the region.

“Second and also due to Georgia’s strategic location, Georgia is playing an important role in the energy independence of Europe,” stated Garibashvili.

Open Government Partnership Georgia

The Georgian Prime Minister IrakliGaribashvili discussed the initiatives and innovative decisions reflected in the second action plan of “Open government – Georgia” at the conference “Open Government Partnership” held in UN.

“Our goal is to become more open for our citizens, more accountable to them and to give them more and broader authority. Our country has the most innovative decisions related to state purchases, making public financial information public and delivery of state service,” noted Garibashvili.

September 25

Meeting with the Prime Minister of Kuwait

The Prime Ministers of Georgia and Kuwait agreed on conduction of the joint economic forum of two countries in the near future. The meeting of IrakliGaribashvili and Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah was held in New-York, in the frameworks of the UN General Assembly. The key issues of the meeting were development of the economic cooperation, usage of the Georgian economic potential and development of the touristic infrastructure.

The parties agreed that they will discuss the specific aspects of the economic cooperation of two countries in details during the bilateral economic forum, which will be held in the near future.

Meeting with the President of the European Council

The Prime Minister of Georgia IrakliGaribashvili met the President of European Council Herman Van Rompuy in the frameworks of the UN General Assembly. The parties discussed reform implementation processes, foreseen by the EU-Georgia Association Agreement. The President of European Council was interested in the progress of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement, temporary usage of which started from September 1. IrakliGaribashvili provided Herman Van Rompuy with the information regarding the implementation of the visa liberalization action plan. The importance of EU visa-free travel for Georgia and the citizens of the occupied territories was emphasized at the meeting. The President of the European Council reaffirmed his support to Georgia once again during his meeting with the Prime Minister.

Meeting with the President of Iran

The Prime Minister of Georgia IrakliGaribashvili has met with the President of Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani in the frameworks of the UN General Assembly. Introductory meeting was initiated by the President of Iran.

Meeting with the Canadian Counterpart

Prime Minister of Georgia IrakliGaribashvili has met his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper within the frameworks of UN General Assembly.

September 26

Georgian PM on the 69th UN General Assembly Session

On September 26 the Prime Minister of Georgia IrakliGaribashvili delivered a speech at 69th UN General Assembly Session. 

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