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Inga Grigolia to make her Television Comeback on TV3

Published: August 12, 2013 | 10:56 am
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The famous television presenter is set to join the new channel, asking the most controversial and topical questions live on air. Inga Grigolia will be seen on TV3 from September, having already concluded an agreement with the management of the television station. She has given two main reasons for choosing TV3, the first being the opportunity to work on a new channel, and the second being an attractive daily schedule.

TV3 is a television channel that has ambitions to provide a new and innovative voice in the Georgian media space. We do not hide facts, do not distort the truth, and are not compelled to disregard what is good. We are creating a television channel which reports the events as they are, rather than distorting them. Inga Grigolia’s new project on TV3 will provide the viewers with an opportunity to find out what is new, hear what is topical, and analyse the daily political and economic events. Only on TV3, and only on this program, you will find out the real answers to the most significant questions. You will be able to see for yourself from September that this is not simply an exaggerated assessment of the station’s own channel and program.

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