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IDPs in the Investors’ Buildings

Published: October 7, 2013 | 11:03 am
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To what extent are the IDPs who are currently living in buildings owned by investors disrupting business activities? The businessman Davit Kodua has stated that problems have arisen with regards to the IDPs residing in the former Hotel Georgia building, where the new Hilton Hotel is to be located. Murad Ablotia of the Ministry of IDPs and Accommodation has told TV3 that there are no specific projects involving the majority of the properties that are currenly occupied by IDPs. As for the former Hotel Georgia building, talks with its owner are underway, and the relocation of the IDPs will be conducted with full regard for the latter’s rights. According to Mr. Ablotia, investors have purchased the properties under the provision that they would supply the IDPs with alternative housing, thereby ensuring that business activities can be conducted without disruptions.
The Ministry of IDPs and Accommodation is currently working on purchasing those properties that are not used by investors for any specific projects. The ministry is hoping to conclude 5 such cases before the end of the year. The properties will then be handed over to the IDPs.

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