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Hyundai i30, a masterpiece in itself

Published: August 6, 2012 | 8:48 am
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Hyundai’s new creation, the i30, comes with two advanced engine and transmission offers which make the car a pleasure to drive and its advanced fluidic designed body makes the car an aerodynamic masterpiece.

The i30 delivers better fuel economy, has lower emission levels and produces more power than the present models. Hence, the i30 is a complete vehicle from multiple view points. The best part about the i30 is its stout but flexible designing and its innovative engineering.
The i30 uses a refined petrol engine under the hood and the sleek aerodynamic nature of the car further helps its acceleration and top speed. The Hyundai i30’s superb performance has made it the most engineered vehicle of 2012.

The i30 is powered by a 1.8 L multipoint fuel injected petrol engine which is capable of producing up to 110 KW power @ 6,500 RPM. Peak torque of 178 NM is produced at 4,700 RPM and this is enough to push the hatchback to its optimum speeds of 130 mph.

The new engine has a cast iron engine shaft and this makes it 30% lighter than other engine designs. The new modification shaves 33.6 kg off the engine and this reduced weight is useful in shaving off precious seconds while accelerating.

The new engine also makes the engine more durable, reduces noise and vibrations and makes the ride smooth. Reduced weight also saves up on running costs and improves performance when compared to normal engines.

The engine is embedded with a new dual variable tax timing technology which enhances total output by 95 KW. The introduction of a highly advanced transmission system helps the car perform better and the sporty nature of the car is highlighted due to this additional feature.

The short stroke and efficient power to weight ratio of the vehicle helps in better gear shifting to produce better performance. The i30 is available in a manual transmission and an automated version and this helps the car maintain smooth ride with excellent ride quality in its class.

Engineers from Hyundai have tweaked the suspension on the i30 for a crisp ride and a balance and stable ride quality. The power steering of the i30 is not based on the conventional hydraulic system instead an innovative motor driven power steering system has been used. The primary advantage of using this system is that, the driver can receive assistance in various degrees of power steering.

Another important advantage of using the motor driven technology is that, it saves up a lot on fuel. Flex steer is a standard feature on the i30 and this allows the driver to switch between normal, comfort and sports mode and this changes the power train of the vehicle to suit the driver’s requirements.
Normal mode is for regular steering sensitivity, sports mode highlights the extreme torque production capability of the car while comfort mode is for city conditions. The car is ideal for all situations and Hyundai has definitely created its masterpiece in the form of the i30.


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