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How to Tell High Quality Beer

Published: July 5, 2012 | 5:16 pm
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True Value of Unique Beer- Zedazeni

Beer and remains one of the best favorite drink all around the world with its centuries of brewing technology history. Beer lovers are called chiefs of drinks. There are plenty of beer types globally with different flavors. However, good beer is defined with certain characteristics.

Patrick Godowsky, Czech beer technology expert at Zedazeni Brewery explains how to tell high quality beer from low quality one.

“I’m in Georgia for three months already. I was very interested in the new technologies launched by the Zedazeni Brewery. Today, I dare say that this is the brewery equipped with the best latest technologies in Europe. Everything here is automatic, including beer filtration process and beer pouring plant,” declared Godowsky.

According to the Czech beer technology expert, beer values depend on the volume of water used during the brewing process, the quality of barley, malt and  hop. “However, even with all that beer will not be a quality one without latest technologies. Zedazeni Brewery has all the above-mentioned components, including the ultra-modern equipment,” he stated. “Brewing process in Zedazeni is strictly controlled as the high quality production is the main factor what makes our consumers choose Zedazeni beer over other beer brands.”

As the Czech beer technology expert further explained, beer brewing process is rather difficult. It takes 6 hours to merge water with barley and malt and then it’s brewed with hop and cooled and added yeast. Only then is started the main boiling process, which lasts for 5-6 days and after that it takes 20-21 days to get the brewed beer. Finally, the beer goes filtration process and is ready to be poured in bottles. In total, it takes beer around 30 days to get from the brewery to shopping windows. “This is the classic technology of beer production,” noted Godowsky. “Unfortunately, there are many breweries both locally and abroad that shorten this period in order to get more beer brewed. They make the boiling process faster by adding different additives. That’s why those beers are tasteless,” he said.

Godowsky delivered concrete tips for beer lovers.

Telling Quality Beer According to Taste

Beer lover who drinks one glass of good quality beer asks for another. Pleasant and kind of bitter taste of hop is felt at the top of the tongue when you drink good quality beer while low quality beer gives you some sweetened flavor. This is the main indicator how to tell high quality beer according to taste.

Telling Quality Beer According to Visual

Good quality beer must be pure and amber color and by no means-muddy, foam must not fade for 2-3 minutes.


Drinking quality beer moderately is good for health, more concretely for kidneys, stomach and is also anti-stress. According to the research by doctors, it’s useful to drink half a liter beer daily as it contains B2, B6, B12 vitamins. In Czech Republic beer bath is also very popular as it makes skin more healthy and young.

Beer is the best clean drink. It contains low alcohol and is a unique cooling mean in summer. To enjoy the best taste of beer it should be kept at +7, +10 temperature.

“I dare say that Zedazeni Beer is competitive with beer brands represented in Czech Republic and other European countries and will become the favorite brand for European consumers as it has already become for Georgians,” said Godowsky.


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