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Honda to consider more towards the safety of their cars

Published: June 21, 2012 | 7:51 am
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Honda has recently given a statement that they are going to make their cars safer for the people. Honda is not considering this action because their cars has absence of any safety features in them, but they are considering it in order to keep the people safe while driving their cars.

The company has officially announced in the last month that they are shortly going to make their cars best in terms of safety. The company has decided to consider two important features in their cars so that they can keep the person inside safe, especially in case of any mishappening occurred by the mistake of the driver.

Honda CEO announced in a press conference last week that every year huge number of people lost their life because of cars accidents all over the world, and the features they have decided to load in their cars will surely contribute in keeping the people safe.

One feature Honda has decided to load in their cars is making their car not usable for the drug users. Company said that this doesn’t mean that the person who takes drugs in the past cannot drive their cars, but actually they are loading their cars with such a feature that doesn’t allow the engine to start if the driver has used drugs or wine just before driving their any car. Company is sure that this is something that will highly contribute in decreasing the overall number of car accidents. Company said that when car will not start in such a case, the driver cannot drive it and thus no accidents will occur.

According to Honda, they are designing such a system that will check the level of drugs or alcohol in the body when a person will touch the start button, and if the level of alcohol or drugs inside the body of driver is beyond the limit when it is not considered as safe, the car will not start.

The second feature at which the company is focusing is to increase the size of air bags. Company said that till now the airbags that are available in cars for the safety of people inside it are not able to cover entire body of the person. However they will extent the size of airbags in their cars which keeps the entire body of the person inside the car totally safe when any accident or mishappening occurs.

When company was asked that when they will introduce their cars that are loaded with these powerful features, they said that it has not finalized and now they cannot even give a nearby date when these features will be available in their cars.

Honda said that no other company has decided to introduce there important features in their cars, but they are sure that once they will load their cars with these features, others automakers will also consider these features for their cars. Honda said that if all automakers will consider these features, then car accidents occurred because of drunk and rive can be avoided totally.


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