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Honda Accord Recall 2012 will affect more than 625000 Cars

Published: October 2, 2012 | 7:00 am
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Honda Accord recall 2012 is going to affect as many as 625000 cars as the Japanese automobile giant has ordered teh recall of its Accord sedan. But all the owners of teh sedan shouldn’t worry as teh recall affects only Accord V6 models that were sold during 2003-2007 period.

Honda Motor Co. will recall more than 625,000 Accord vehicles due to a problem with the power steering hoses, which could leak and possibly catch fire.

According to the company, the recall affects 2003-2007 Accord V6 models sold in the US and Canada, Xinhua reported Monday.

Although Honda said no crashes or injuries had been reported so far, the automaker said the power steering hose in the Accord could wear over time to develop a fluid leak.

Leaking fluid could possibly lead to a loss of power steering capability, or cause smoke or fire if released onto a catalytic converter.

Honda said that in a study of six vehicle hoses, the hoses showed signs of heat damage, with a June engine fire also reported in a 2006 Accord.

According to Honda, new power steering hoses used to repair the problem will not be available until early 2013 due to a new change in rubber hose material.

Until then, Accord owners should monitor power steering performance and, if there is an issue, take their vehicles to a Honda dealer for temporary repair.

Monday’s recall is an expansion of a Honda May recall concerning 52,615 Acura TL 2007-2008 sedans, which faced a similar power steering hose leak problem.


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