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Georgian President Met with the PM Candidate

Published: October 9, 2012 | 12:25 pm
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President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, the leader of the United National Movement, met with the country’s Prime Minister candidate Bidzina Ivanishvili, the leader of the Georgian Dream coalition at the President’s Residence on October 9.

Both leaders made statements for media after the meeting.

“Our meeting today is the reflection of the healthy politics, which my team and I succeeded to bring in Georgia`s political reality. My team and I managed to create a precedent of democratic change of government for the first time in the history of Georgia. The fact that during past one year, we succeeded to respond to all the indecent activities from our opponents with dignity has become the reason of today`s meeting. We are reaffirming that we shall not treat out opponents the way they deserve, but we`ll treat them the way our nation, our people and our culture deserves,” declared Ivanishvili. “We talked about foreign policy, coincidence of our visions. We agreed that Europe and the Euro-Atlantic sphere will be our strategy, our aspiration to join Europe will be irreversible and Georgia will succeed to join NATO in a few years. It`s a welcome fact that we have met and that Saakashvili could make the statement, which I welcomed, and the choice which he made after the elections. Our today`s meeting serves the aim to show the world that we are a cultural nation, we are beginning a new life and we`ll treat our opponents with dignity.”

“A historic fact is taking place in Georgia today. In this region of post-Soviet space, the transition of the most of functions of executive government is taking place democratically. Georgian people have made their choice. We always said and we`ll confirm it again that we respect the choice of Georgian people, they are the supreme acting figures in the country and they determine political processes,” stated Saakashvili. “We had a discussion and of course, it is not a surprise for anyone that we have fundamental differences on many political and national issues. However, as a responsible government, I, as the president, who is the guarantee of constitution, claim that the transition of functions happen democratically, without any incidents, the way that has never happened in the history of Georgia before. We must maintain democracy and succeed to more free elections in the future, democracy should be. As a president, I will work to protect the interests of Georgian people and it will be the main goal of my team as well.”


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