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Georgian President: “We will Create a Strong State with the Advancements of Every Talented Person”

Published: October 14, 2011 | 7:15 pm
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Mikheil Saakashvili opened an education, scientific and expertise laboratory at the Technical University of Georgia. The President personally familiarized himself with the innovations and processes, which create an opportunity to test the sustainability of construction materials on site. It is also possible to administer scientific research and agricultural work there considering the contemporary industrial demands. It will no longer be necessary to invite foreign experts or send materials abroad for testing after opening the new center. As Mikheil Saakashvili noted, the innovations, well-equipped technological center and qualified specialists create more opportunities for the country to further develop.

The President noted that Georgia has great potential in the construction sphere and has an elite group of experts who can satisfy the demands of the international market. He added that today, it is more advantageous to choose technical majors and many college applicants have chosen technical degrees instead of humanitarian degrees.

“There are two ways of developing aside from progress of the economy and the construction sector. The first way is when you have a lot of oil and gas and do not have to do anything; In this case, the Chinese, Turks or Germans will come and build everything for you. The second way is when you have nothing, and you have to learn to do the work yourself and build things for others. The second way is our way of development, because the first way results in the discontinuance of national development. That’s why Russia could not create a new technological center, because it depends on oil and corruption. Everything is distributed among a handful of people.

We will create new technologies, new technological centers and will develop our country with the advancement of every talented person” – noted the President.

According to the President, such technological centers and labs will create an opportunity to use these materials for constructing various infrastructures. The materials produced in this center will be used on the construction of a new center in Anaklia by an initiative of the President.

The Rector of the Technical University of Lithuania also attended the opening. He noted that huge technological progress appears to have taken place in Georgia over the last year:

“I was in Georgia a year ago and the country has progressed incredibly since then. To tell you the truth, I am astonished because in terms of technology your country is way ahead of our country” –noted Romans Jivenchus.

The Minister of Education and Science – Dimitry Shashkin and the Minister of the Regional Development and Infrastructure – Ramaz Nikolaishvili also attended the opening.


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