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Georgian Government Announced 5-Point Plan to Eliminate Damage Caused by Natural Disaster

Published: July 21, 2012 | 10:35 am
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Under the order of the President of Georgia, government prepared a special plan for assisting the population affected by the natural disaster in several regions of Georgia. Kakheti Region suffered from the hail and windstorm most. Bad weather caused damage in Samtskhe-Javakheti as well.

Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili introduced the 5-point plan of during the special briefing on July 20:

1. The government will provide rehabilitation of roofs damaged by the windstorm.

2. The government will provide the families, whose cultivated lands and harvest were damaged, with chemicals and fuel for free.

3. The affected families will be also provided with food.

4. The farmers, whose agricultural lands were damaged by 100%, will receive financial compensation from GEL 1300 to 1500. Those, whose lands were damaged with 70-80%, will be funded with GEL 800-900 compensation; the farmers, whose agricultural lands were damaged with 50%, will be handed over GEL 300-500 compensation.

5. The farmers, who had taken bank loans for agricultural works, will have their credit terms extended with one year and the government will cover the loan interests from state funds.

According to the President, the government will spend Laries hundreds of millions in eliminating the damage caused by the natural disaster in Georgia’s regions.

“30 thousand square meters of roofing material is brought to the county and all the companies are directed to be mobilized. Our population must feel that the government stands with them. We should do our best to support the people in need,” stated Saakashvili.



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