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Georgian Georgian Business Tycoon to Hold the First Press Conference

Published: November 1, 2011 | 7:19 pm
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Georgian business tycoon Bidzina Ivanishvili, who announced about his plans in politics, held the first press conference, which was broadcast live on the Georgian Public Broadcast.

Ivanishvili answered around 30 questions, however many journalists complained they failed to put their questions because of the badly organized press conference.

Billionaire began the press conference by explaining his decision to go to politics, saying it was very hard to take. He said it was never his intention to move from business to politics, but he took this decision after `realizing` that he was losing his homeland.

Ivanishvili recalled the August 2008 war while talking about politics. He accused Georgian President of starting the war in Tskhinvali.

As for the ongoing negotiations on Russia`s membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), mediated by Switzerland, billionaire said with signing the recent compromising agreement prepared by the mediator country, Georgia only got yet another lie and farce, because by agreeing on Russia`s membership in the organization, Georgia got nothing but lie.

“Russia is becoming the member of the WTO and Georgia has no economic relation with Russia. This is what Saakashvili has done. He does not have elementary international immunity,” Ivanishvili said and added that Georgia was urged to sign the new agreement on Russia`s WTO membership this time.

As for Georgia`s integration into the NATO, Billionaire said with his authoritarian inclinations, Saakashvili postponed the possibility of the NATO membership for a long time.

“NATO is a military-political organization. Along with military interests, NATO standards require high democratic interests in a country. Saakashvili abolished this institution in Georgia with his autocratic inclinations and postponed the prospects of Georgia to join the alliance for a very long time,” Ivanishvili said.


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