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Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to Report January-April, 2012 Results

Published: May 3, 2012 | 1:31 pm
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Golden Member Status Companies were Awarded with Special Certificates


Economic development, new investments, incentives for business sector, creation of new jobs, – are these directions, as Kakha Baindurashvili, the President of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), said are the top priorities for the chamber’s activities. On May 3, 2012 the President of GCCI presented the report on the chamber’s activities during January-April, 2012. The event took place at Radisson Blu Iveria hotel.

“First quarter of any year, as a rule, is the period when business sector prepares basis for its future activities. Only then, in mid April the planned projects move to an implementation phase. During this period, GCCI together with the representatives from the local private sector, has held lots of business forums and international visits and the feedback has been reflected in the launch of several significant projects,” Baindurashvili declared.

Since the beginning of 2012 GCCI has held a number of business forums both locally and abroad: Georgian-Check business forum, Georgia-South Korean business forum, Georgian-Ukrainian business forum, Georgian-Iranian business forum, business meetings were organized in Turkey, investment forums were held in Qatar and Dubai. Sector meetings were arranged with the participation of businessmen from different sectors. The President of GCCI visited Lebanon, Germany, Italy, United Arab Emirates (UAE) where memorandums of understanding were signed with local chambers of commerce and local businessmen got informed about Georgia’s investment opportunities.

“GCCI is committed to establish business contacts with countries where Georgia has years of diplomatic relations and now it’s time to activate economic partnership. One of the countries that we visited in early 2012 was Lebanon, the financial sector of which is one of the best performing in entire Arab countries and Middle East. As a result, one of the largest Lebanese construction company said to be entering Georgian market in close future,” stated the President of GCCI.

According to him, Germany, the leading country within the EU is also interested to drive more investments in Georgian market. GCCI has established close relations with the Munich and Upper Bavaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

In Baindurashvili’s words, Iran, where he was also on an official visit, could become one of the important export markets for Georgia.

The President of GCCI also visited, Italy, another leading European country. “We can expect more investments from Italy, especially in furniture and textile industry. One of the biggest Italian banks has showed an interest in Georgia’s banking sector,” he said.

According to Baindurashvili, his visit in Qatar and Dubai was also very successful as these are the countries where lots of international companies operate and more importantly, Georgia is an interesting market for them.

Future Events

Till August, the President of GCCI plans to visit London and Oman.

“There are lots of interesting commercial projects in Georgia that could be interesting for investment bankers and a big majority of them are located in London,” said Baindurashvili.

“In addition, we’ll continue looking for new economic discoveries. I’ll have a visit in Oman, which is another rapidly development country in Arab countries,” he said.

As the President of GCCI said, Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri will hold meetings in Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong in the frame of the events organized together with The Financial Times. These financial centers are known for the highest investment outflow and Georgian businessmen willing to attend, will be offered an unprecedented opportunity to meet with the top global business executives.

Baindurashvili also spoke of the importance and positive impact achieved through the partnership with the Georgian National Investment Agency (GNIA) and the Georgian government.

The President of GCCI advised local businesses to get more actively involved in the Student’s Summer Jobs programme launched together with the Ministry of Culture Georgia. “This project is financed by the government. By hiring students in summer, companies can find good employees at no cost,” he said.

After the presentation of the report, the President of GCCI awarded 10 Golden Member status companies with special certificates.

In early 2012 GCCI offered new services to business sector, among them is an important initiative of a Golden Member Status award. Golden Member Status gives companies special privileges while using the services of GCCI.

Currently, Golden Member Status companies are as follows:

MSC Georgia Ltd., LG Ltd, Dexus Ltd., JSC Populi., JSC GPC, Socar Georgia Petroleum Ltd., JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia, JSC Elmavalmshenebeli, JSC Bank of Georgia, APM terminals Poti.

“Wissol has been partnering with the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry already and this partnership has become more active lately. It’s a great honor for us to become a Golden Member Status company. Though Wissol is mostly oriented at the local market, Europe is also an interesting target for us as the company’s developing a diversified business within the Group,” Vasil Korava, General Director of Wissol, told the COMMERCIAL TIMES.

“Thanks to the support from the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry we managed to enter European market and now we’re working on export issues in Iran. That’s also the feedback we got from the Iranian visit where our company was also presented,” said Laura Gachava, the owner of LG sewing factory. “Famous brands Dainese and Moncler are already our partners,” she added.

“It’s important for local businesses to be in close relations with each-other and with the business community abroad. Even with enough financing it’s impossible for a single company to gather the leading global business officials and this where the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry helps us. Our company would not be able to meet Iranian businessmen without the assistance from the chamber,” said George Kananashvili, Managing Partner, CEO of Dexus.


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