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Georgia Celebrated Independence Day: National Parade in Kutaisi, Industrial Parade in Tbilisi

Published: May 26, 2012 | 3:53 pm
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The New Parliament building in Kutaisi

On May 26 Georgia celebrated the Independence. National parade was held in Kutaisi while in the capital city Tbilisi an industry exhibition Made in Georgia was conducted.

On May 26, 1918 National Council of Georgia declared national independence of Georgian people and establishment of Democratic Republic of Georgia. The statehood of Georgia was restored after 117 years (from 1801).

A new grand building of the Parliament of Georgia in Kutaisi was officially opened on May 26. The building will finally be completed by October 2012.

The President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili participated in the first institutional event held in the New Parliament building designed by a Spanish architecture Company CMD Ingenieros. Saakashvili led an extraordinary session of the Legislative Body.

“Our fate is in our hands, this belief has survived Georgia’s independence identity. First time in the history, the Parliament of Georgia settles in Kutaisi. October’s parliamentary elections must be the most democratic and transparent ever. Kutaisi along with Georgia will be the top important political center in the country. This amazing building of glass facade reflects the transparent policy of Georgian government,” declared the President of Georgia. “Georgia’s economic indicators show significant growth, however, we need more development so that this success is felt by the majority of our population,” said Saakashvili.

The New Parliament building is a modern and organic image that is reflection of the big changes that Georgia is experiencing. Designed by Alberto Domingo and Carlos Lázaro it has a contrast on materials and forms that looks for the surprise of users and visitors. The most significant element is the glass and steel dome designed to cover the main volume. Designed jointly with the prestigious Japanese engineer Mamoru Kawaguchi, it is the largest dome in the world of its class. A roof-like concrete element covers the dome and host on the entrances to the building. Within the great glazed space emerges a new volume structurally independent from the outer surrounding. It uses ordered orthogonal lines to organize the functional program of offices, meeting and conference rooms as well as the main institutional rooms –Plenary Hall, Bureau, and Presidency. Furthermore, the building tries to include the vegetal element as something natural of its own.

The project includes the construction of two other office buildings: the House of Government (finished last November) and the Staff building (to be completed in August). CMD Ingenieros was also in charge of the landscape design of the Millennium Park, a large urban park of 1M sq.m. surrounding all these buildings. After this first official event, construction companies will proceed with equipments, furniture and other details. The complex will begin activity next October.

Alberto Domingo and Carlos Lázaro have designed, calculated, projected and led works such as the Roof of the Submarino Restaurant at the Oceanogràfic in Valencia (first time concrete with steel fibre is applied to structural sheets), Xàtiva Bullring (Pantadome system, in collaboration with Prof. M. Kawaguchi) and the Paterna-Manises Bridge over the river Turia (first bridge made of recycled concrete in the world, in collaboration with Prof. Salvador Monelón).

The list of CDM Ingenieros’ clients in Georgia includes: Old City Rehabilitation and Development Found (Tbilisi), the Land Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, the Land Government of Samagrelo Zemo Svaneti, Sakaeronavigatsia Ltd.

CDM Ingenieros was in charge of design and project management of the Alphabetic Tower in Batumi, also a detail design of Baumi Piazza, etc.

National Military parade in Kutaisi

National Military parade followed the first institutional event held in the New Parliament building. Military production made in Georgia participated in the parade: Didgori, Lazika and pilotless vehicles.

Industrial Parade in Tbilisi- Made in Georgia

Industrial parade-Made in Georgia was held on May 26 in Tbilisi. A grand exhibition of different kind of Georgian production was conducted at Rustaveli Avenue. The main goal of the industrial parade was the promotion of the products made in Georgia, further development of various sectors in the country and jobs creation.

Over 250 enterprises operating in Georgia exposed their production of: furniture, construction materials, electric and computer technologies, textile materials, metal, pharmaceuticals, drinks, etc. Special attention was drawn to the military production of Georgia: Lazika, Didgori and pilotless vehicles.


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