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Fellowships Protest against the City Council

Published: September 27, 2013 | 8:44 pm
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Chairmen of fellowships are staging a protest in front of the Tbilisi City Council head offices today. They are protesting against the Council member Guliko Zumbadze’s initiative to cut the State funding for the fellowships. According to the leaders of the fellowships, the funds allowed them to successfully resolve issues such as the maintenance and renovation of entrance halls, cellars and roofs in the housing blocks, which will now no longer be possible. The fellowships’ position is supported by the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office. However, the leadership of the City Council has called upon the fellowships not to respond to the Mayor’s provocations. It claims that Gigi Ugulava is persistently trying to pass the blame, and that in truth, the funding for the fellowships will not be reduced. The Chairman of the Council has also challenged Mr. Ugulava to a debate live on air.

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