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Emergency Medical Center will Serve Tbilisi Population with New Ambulance Vehicles

Published: April 26, 2013 | 10:22 am
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Shalva Brachuli: “We receive approximately 1500-1600 calls every day. Compared to the last year statistics, the quantity has increased by 300-400.

CNA- by Shorena Shavadze

-How does Tbilisi’s most vital service work? What is the news planned by the Emergency Medical Center work? Shalva Brachuli, Head of the center spoke regarding these and other issues during the interview with CNA.

In March, you were appointed the head of the Emergency Medical Center. How positively would you evaluate the work of center? What kind of crucial problems have been identified, that should be solved immediately?

- Since it’s only a month of my appointing as the head of the center, I have no right to give positive or negative views about any circle of the  the management. In general, it’s  people assess how productively the center is working. Of course, there are some problems, but we are working to define the types of the problems, that can be resolved through our internal resources. Then we make the decisions and solve them. In order to eliminate a number of problems, we work in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, Tbilisi City Hall, 112 and all departments to settle problems.

-Do you plan changes in management?

- Global reorganization within the center is not planned, but in case of changes, it may be applied directly to the administration and not the medical staff.  We work every day to improve the service quality. So, it’s logic to make some changes. Currently, we’re observing the directions where we need to direct our effort most.

-On-time service is one of the vital functions for Emergency center. What  measures can be taken for minimizing late arrivals?

- It’s up to112 to set priorities for incoming calls, which are qualified as of high low or medium category importance. When our center receives high priority calls, we react immediately. Unless there are some technical or traffic problems, the delay time is minimized. After that, medium priority calls can be transferred into high priority calls.

-How would you assess the cooperation with 112?

- We have a close relationship with 112. Since they determine call priorities, we have non-stop connection established, 24 hours a day. 112 is a newly established service and they understand what gaps they have to fill. When we see there’s a problem, we contact each-other and solving it together.

-Soon, the center will be served by the new ambulance vehicles. How many new cars are planned to be delivered?

- During the summer, by the end of June, we will bring new ambulance vehicles with all the necessary equipment. In the first phase, we plan to purchase 20 and  by the end of September all 80 vehicles will be replaced by new ones.

-How often does the center have technical equipment problems?

- In order to get more information what kind of technical equipments problems exist nowadays, we meet the staff, doctors, junior doctors and drivers on a daily basis. The center meets all requirements regarding the emergency medical equipment. However, as time passes technique wears out and needs to be fixed. If the equipment can’t be  repaired, we have new additional equipments like cardiograph and defibrillators to replace them.

- How mow many calls are received each day? Does the number of calls differ according to seasons? 

- We receive approximately 1500-1600 calls every day. There were 1800-200 calls a fortnight ago. Compared to the last year statistics, the quantity has increased by 300-400.

There are cases, when a person calls us with the complaint of 37.5 temperature. We have also permanent patients, who call emergency 4-5 times a day, when there is not any need to do so. Such meaningless calls, wasting time of the medical personnel, might cause fatal results to your friend or relative who truly need the service. And such people make 70% our callers.

- Has the launch of the Universal Healthcare Program reduced the number of calls?

- It is noteworthy to say that Universal Healthcare Program has been no consolation for us.  I think, people should get more information on the type of service they can use for free of at clinics. Citizens must apply polyclinics for a number of services. Then the number of calls is expected to be decreased.

- How many people are employed the Emergency Medical Center? How systematically are they trained?

- Including the administrative staff there are 1200 employees in the center.  We see that the trainings are necessary to improve their productivity. Lately the trainings were stopped. However, we plan to find out in what spheres they need trainings most, after which we will set up a list of priorities and start trainings. Long ago, there was a tradition of doctor trainers here. If internal resources will let us do so, it it would be better to train employees who will afterwards people train the staff.

-Is the information saying that emergency service won’t be free?

- I’m not aware of such information.

- Are there special plans  for improving the working conditions of employees in respect to working hours, breaks and salaries? Do you plan to add additional medical brigades?

- Salaries have already been increased this year. Let’s see what the next year’s budget will allow us. Our employees get paid according to working hours. As for working hours and breaks, after 5-6 calls 112 let the brigades to make use of small (10-15 minutes) breaks for personal needs. However, this is not allowed during peak hours, when dozens of calls are in the expectation mode. As for the brigades, we don’t intend to add them this year, but we can discuss this issue in winter, if we see such need.









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