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Early Increase on Cigarette Prices

Published: August 13, 2013 | 11:54 am
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Prices on tobacco products have increased in August, instead of September, as was expected earlier. The price increases have affected the Parliament and Marlboro brands. A spokesman for the distributor company Omega-2, which is the two brands’ manufacturer company Philip Morris’s exclusive representative in Georgia, has confirmed that the recommended retail price of a packet of Parliament has increased from 3 Lari 70 Tetri to 4 Lari, while a packet of Marlboro will cost 3 Lari 20 Tetri instead of 2 Lari 80 Tetri. The price increases have already been reflected in the tobacco department of the Goodwill supermarkets, where a packet of Parliament now costs 4 Lari 10 Tetri. The spokesman for Philip Moris has been unable to specify the reasons for an early price increase without prior consultation with the American superiors.

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