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Demand for Reforms in the Customs Clearance Zone

Published: October 1, 2013 | 1:31 pm
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At what stage is the legislation concerning the reforms of the customs clearance zone? Representatives from the transportation company East Gate Group have stated that the decision made by the previous government to limit the scope of business companies’ activities in this area is in need of reviewing. Company spokesman Davit Davitadze has told TV3 that the Finance Ministry has not made a decision in this case yet. According to him, the existing legislation, which obliges all maritime cargo to be processed at the Poti harbour terminal, goes against the principles of free trade. The stagnation of the logistics sector has already begun, and the East Gate Group, as well as other terminals, have had to scrap dozens of jobs, Mr. Davitadze has stated, and added that the company has specific recommendations regarding the issue of the reforms, and is awaiting a decision from the Ministry of Finance.

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