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Davit Darakhvelidze on the Living Conditions for IDPs

Published: September 5, 2013 | 11:26 am
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Davit Darakhvelidze, the Minister of Internally Displaced Persons, Accommodation and Refugees, has spoken to TV3 about the improvements of the living conditions for the IDPs, and about new projects. According to him, 11 new housing units have already been purchased for the IDPs in the provinces, with another 28 units to be added in the future. USD 7000-8000 will be spent on each housing unit, and the current projects of providing the IDPs with new housing is to be completed over the next 4 years. Mr. Darakhvelidze has also emphasised the role played by international donor organisations in improving the living conditions for IDPs.
The precise number of IDPs is currently unknown. According to the most recent data, there were over 271 800 of them. The precise number of IDPs is to be determined through the registration process which began on 1 August and will continue until 27 December.

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