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Current Condition of Commercial Banks’ Loan Portfolio

Published: March 1, 2012 | 1:36 pm
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February 29- The volume of lending by commercial banks (including loans to non-residents) in January, 2012, compared to the previous month, decreased by 77.0 million GEL (1.0 percent) and constituted 7.6 billion GEL by February 1, 2012. The volume of loans provided in the national currency decreased by 10.7 million GEL (0.4 percent) and the volume of loans in a foreign currency decreased by 66.2 million GEL (1.2 percent).

By the end of January 2012, commercial banks issued to resident legal entities 787.2 million GEL worth of national currency-denominated loans (4.5 percent or 37.0 million GEL less compared to the previous month) and 3.4 billion GEL worth of loans in a foreign currency (2.7 percent or 94.3 million GEL less, respectively).

Out of the total volume of lending to legal entities, the biggest share falls on trade – 53.2 percent. Compared with the previous month, in January, 2012 the volume of loans provided for trade increased by 6.4 percent or 134.6 million GEL and exceeded 2.2 billion GEL.

Share of loans provided to the industrial sector constituted 17.3 percent of all loans to legal entities and amounted to 721.7 million GEL by February 1, 2012 (19.4 percent or 173.4 million GEL less compared to the previous month). 9.3 percent fall on construction, amounting to 390.1 million GEL (11.7 percent or 51.7 million GEL less, respectively). Therefore, 79.9 percent of the total volume of lending to the legal entities falls only on three sectors – industry, construction and trade.

The volume of lending to resident individuals decreased by 0.4 percent or 12.1 million GEL, during the January 2012, and constituted 3.1 billion GEL by February 1, 2012.

Current Condition of Commercial Banks’ Assets

As February 1, 2012, the banking sector in Georgia is represented by 19 commercial banks, including 16 foreign-controlled banks and two branches of non-resident banks. Compared with the previous month, total assets of Georgian commercial banks (in current prices) decreased by 6.3 million GEL (by 0.05 percent) and constituted 12.7 billion GEL. The banking sector’s own funds (equity capital) equal to 2.1 billion GEL, which makes up 16.6 percent of commercial banks’ total assets.

The share of foreign capital in banks’ total paid-in capital constituted to 77.0 percent.

In January 2012, the banking sector finished with losses. The net loss in previous month constituted 7.6 million GEL.

The share of five banks having the largest assets within the total amount of the banking sector assets constituted 80.6 percent.


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