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Crystal Room-Entrepreneur Profile of GeoStar’s Anano Mzhavia

Published: March 7, 2011 | 11:37 am
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Make Your Dreams Sparkle!

The COMMERCIAL EXCLUSIVE Anano Mzhavia, a well-know GeoStar celebrity, is now deep into entrepreneurship. Crystal Room at GTC trade center is Anano’s current business engagement. This, as Ms.Mzhavia told The COMMERCIAL magazine, is the place to make your dreams sparkle.

- Recently you’ve launched your own Crystal Room busi- ness. How was the idea of opening the business developed?

- I’m much into handwork. I am a fashion designer. This is why I came up with Crystal Room idea. I’m an active user of internet and while searching different websites I came across some amazing things made by Swarovski crystals. This is a new direction for the local market and I hope it will be a success in close future. Advertisement is essential for any business, espe- cially when it’s a fresh one, so that people perceive the news accordingly. Mostly demand increases during holidays and also quite popular is wedding accessory line. First it had nothing to do with business; I was just enjoy-ing making beautiful things for myself. St.Mary’s icon with Swarovski crystals was my fi rst handwork of this kind. Today, at our store you can see different things glowing with Swarovs- ki brilliance: candlesticks, mobile phones, laptops, we’re also working on interior design and specifi c orders like wedding or any other individual requirements. With us even the least attractive thing becomes the most pre- cious gift. It’s only several months that I launched this business and the demand is satisfactory. I try to offer affordable prices, suitable for the local market. Crystal Room is also a rather attractive business in respect to corporate line. I’m having talks with several companies who are interested in creating Swarovski decorated corporate logos and interior design.

- As an entrepreneur would you say opening business in Georgia is worth it?

- It’s important to get a clear view of elementary issues, not be lazy and be organized. If you know what you’re up to, have a defi nite timeline and goals set, you’re good to take a shot. Crystal Room-My friends and I came up with this name and the logo was created by Geocell’s designer Boka Neparidze.

- You’re one of the winners of the national song contest GeoStar, moreover, after winning the competition you became the host of the show. What has changed in your life since GeoStar?

- GeoStar has been far more than just a music project for me. Thanks to GeoStar I have lots of new friends and, of course, it played a signifi cant role in my career. Today I work for Geocell, this company has always been there for me. Geocell helped me in launching Crystal Room business as well. Geocell is a part of my life.

- Can a singer in Georgia live on by singing only? - We always complain that there’s no show-business in Georgia and that you cannot survive in this country by singing only. Geor- gia is a relatively small country and business success depends on the potential capacity of the particular market. Today holding a concert in our country is linked with fi nancial risks, in addition there are a number of pirate websites from where you can download songs for free, which directly affects licensed CD sales.

- What about your future plans? How do you see your career both in music industry and business? - I won’t quit singing, but for now my current focus is on my own business- Crystal Room.

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