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‘Chinplants’ on the Rise in the U.S. Georgian Surgeons have Different Statistics

Published: April 23, 2012 | 8:40 am
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We’re a much more image-driven society than we were even five years ago, experts say. People have cameras everywhere. You can be at a wedding at the buffet table and a moment later see pictures of your double chin on Facebook.

“Chinplants,” i.e., surgical procedures that enhance and define the chin line, increased 71 percent between 2010 and 2011, outdoing breast augmentation, liposuction and even Botox, which increased a mere five percent between 2010 and 2011, according to new statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

A strong chin is equated with leadership, the U.S experts say. Former Presidents Clinton and Ford and President Obama, all of whom have strong chins.

In Georgia, according to local plastic surgeons, chin implantations is not the top demanded procedure yet.

“Chin implants are much demanded at our clinic. However, it’s not the number one procedure. Chin implants are usually made in a combination with entire facelift or rhinoplasty surgery,” Gia Gvaramia, the Head of Gia Gvaramia Clinic, told The COMMERCIAL TIMES.

As Nata Maisuradze, Manager of Department of Plastic Surgery of Caraps Medline, told The COMMERCIAL TIMES, statistics for chin implantation surgery do not show growth at Caraps Medline. “Average demand on chin implantation surgery remains the same as it was before,” noted Nata.

Chin implantation is now popular with both men and women, with nearly 21,000 Americans opting for the operation last year alone, the ASPS reports.

As the Head of Gia Gvaramia Clinic noted, statistically, chin implants patients are 15-20% men and it’s true for almost all types of plastic surgery in general.

“In our country plastic surgery is more popular among women. Same are statistics for chin implantation and double chin surgery,” said Manager of Department of Plastic Surgery of Caraps Medline.

Average price for chin implantation at Gia Gvaramia Clinic is GEL 1000, GEL 3000- at Caraps Medline.

Dr. Mehmet Oz told TODAY’s Matt Lauer that chin implant surgery is not without risk; there’s a 5-7 percent chance of infection, Oz said. He said people considering chinplants should make sure the doctor is board certified, experienced at the procedure and has hospital privileges (even though the procedure is usually done in an office).

Georgian cosmetic surgeons also agree that chin implantation as well as other plastic surgeries are totally safe when surgeons are qualified professionals.

“Having a strong chin is not something you can gain via diet or exercise,” says Dr. Darrick Antell, a Manhattan plastic surgeon and clinical professor of surgery at Columbia University. “You’re either born with it or you see a surgeon to improve it.”

Maisuradze says double chin is mainly developed among overweight people.

“As for double chin, when we’re dealing with a strongly expressed chin ptosis it’s necessary to refer to surgery. However, when the problem is not crucial, other methods like mesotherapy, lipolysis, or apparatus cosmetology could also be used,” said Gvaramia.

In Georgia, breast augmentation, liposuction and Botox are on rise.

The number of top demanded plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction and Botox  increased by 40-45%  in 2010-2011 at Gia Gvaramia Clinic.

Caraps Medline also says breast augmentation, liposuction, blepharoplastic are top demanded cosmetic surgeries. Rhynoplasty is the most popular though.

The most expensive procedures at Gia Gvaramia Clinic are: breast augmentation (GEL 5000-6500), and body lifting (GEL 6500).

The most expensive services offered by Caraps Medline are anti-aging cosmetic procedures. Average price for the most expensive procedure is GEL 12 000.

Certain types of plastic surgery may be considered as seasonal procedures. In summer the demand on liposuction and other long-term rehabilitation surgery is much less, Georgian surgeons say.

Face and body care programmes will be the priority for Gia Gvaramia Clinic this summer.

Both, Gia Gvaramia Clinic and Caraps Medline, sharing the leading global tendencies of cosmetic surgery, they’re ready to serve the local market in all directions of cosmetic surgery.



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