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Centre Point Group’s Assets Seized

Published: July 11, 2013 | 1:55 pm
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The Centre Point Group has had its assets seized. Equally, numerous properties of individuals and companies linked to Centre Point have been seized. The same applies to the property owned by Dexus Ltd. and its affiliated company Alliance Capitald Ltd. According to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, Rusudan Kervalishvili and Maia Rcheulishvili are being charged with conspiracy to fraud and conspiracy to appropriation of property. As for Ivane Tsaguria, he is charged with assistance to commit fraud and misappropriation of powers. The Chief Prosecutor states that the arrests are linked to the investigation which had been initiated following complaints from individuals who had suffered losses due to Centre Point’s activities. The investigation has established that a large sum paid in by the members of the fellowship Tabukashvili 88 has been misappropriated.

If convicted, Ms. Kervalishvili, Ms. Rcheulishvili and Mr. Tsaguria face up to 11 years in prison, as explained by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office. The sentencing will be carried out within the next few days. The defense attorney does not expect the Prosecution to demand prison sentences. Maia Rcheulishvili and Rusudan Kervalishvili have already been questioned and charged with fraud, while Ivane Tsaguria is in custody.

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