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British Centre Invited Callan Method Officials to Assess Plagiarism and Breach of Copyright Issues in Georgia

Published: September 16, 2011 | 12:30 pm
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English, referred as an international employment language of the 21st century, is taught all over the world through different methods. Many systems for learning a language promise more than they deliver. Callan, according to the local school British Centre, is the next best effective method when offered correctly. However, the school management says that market competition in Georgia as well as abroad, is not always healthy because of plagiarism and breach of copyright incidents.

On September 14 British Centre held a press conference on Callan Method and its Legal Aspects in Georgia. The event, attended by local media representatives and led by Tom Lundie, Chief Executive Officer of Callan Publishing and Ellison Jones, leading specialist of Callan School, took place at Courtyard by Marriott hotel. During their visit in Georgia Callan Method Organization (CMO) representatives got informed about Callan Method tuition practice in the country so that to be better prepared for further regulation of legal aspects.

“The primary focus was to see how big the problem in Georgia was. The two main issues that have to be solved include an authorized distribution of Callan books and also an authorized teaching of Callan method,” declared Mr. Lundie.

“The main goal of my visit in Tbilisi was to assess how Callan method is taught in Georgia and at British Centre I would say they teach the method the right way,” stated Ms. Jones. “The method is simple repetition of set phrases and the general aim is to get students talking as soon as possible. The Callan Method helps students at any stage to learn English, teaching them with little or no English up to a level equivalent to the Cambridge First Certificate.”

Mr Robin Callan, the founder of the method, says in a CALLAN PUBLISHING SUES FOR PLAGIARISM AND BREACH OF COPYRIGHTpress release on Callan’s official website: “creating the Callan Method and writing the Callan Books has been my life’s work. I find it very distressing to learn from experts that my books have been copied to a material extent that my company is forced to take action to protect and defend a business it has taken me over 50 years to build”.

Today, the Callan Method is taught in approximately 267 schools in 26 countries. The Callan Method School in Oxford Street, London is believed to be the largest single English Language teaching School in the world with over 2,000 students attending lessons every day in the summer months.


British Centre was founded in 2003. The school is an active partner of the London Callan School. Callan Method tuition principles at British Centre are the same as they are in the London Callan School.


“British Centre has been a good partner of CMO and we’re the one and only authorized tuition centre using Callan method in Georgia. The aim of CMO representatives’ visit is to locally get informed about Callan method pros and cons in the country and to further regulate legal aspects,” declared Dali Lomidze, Head of Public Relations, British Centre. “What’s most important, we’re committed to prevent people from getting trapped with false Callan method tuition and we need legal security to make it happen.”

In addition, according to Lomidze, British Centre founders and CMO representatives discussed the opportunities for establishing a public school in Georgia where Callan Method will be taught.

About Callan Method

Mr Callan invented his Method back in 1959 but it was many years before he successfully brought it to the world’s attention. The ‘Callan Method’ met with considerable resistance, not simply because it was new and innovative, but because it worked so well, a fact which Mr Callan’s competitors bitterly resented.

Mr Callan set up his own school in 1960 to put his theories into practice. He also produced a book of his Method (divided into twelve stages) and today, almost half a century later, we are still selling it to schools and private tutors all over the world.

With the Callan Method, students can learn English in a quarter of the teaching time required by the competition. The hundreds of schools that use his book enjoy amazing results. Even now the speed and efficiency with which students learn English using the Callan Method continues to undermine other better known teaching systems.

In 2008 we introduced the new Teach-Each-Other (TEO) version of the Method which is aimed directly at students. Students can download the twelve stages of the new TEO book from the internet, and use it to teach-each-other English by themselves. The Callan Method has revolutionised the whole process of learning English over the last fifty years. With the TEO version we believe we have succeeded in making the Callan Method easier, cheaper and more accessible to you than ever before.

The COMMERCIAL TIMES interviewed Mr. Lundie regarding the main issues Callan method faces in the local market and how should this be treated.

-  How would you sum up the first visit in Georgia?

-  British Centre invited me here in Tbilisi to discuss distribution agreement and the authorized use of Callan method. This is also a new business strategy that Callan has been developing for the last 6-12 months. We’re looking up for issuing new Callan books that have not been updated long. Part of the strategy is to localize printing edition of books. Printing the books locally and distributing them locally will make the product cheaper. British Centre will have the right to distribute books not only in Georgia but in the whole Caucasus region.

The two main issues that we come across in Georgia and in other countries all around the world is that some schools use photo copies of Callan books and do not use the method properly and this in the end affects the quality of teaching. Another point is that because of these  photo copied books the author of the genuine books Mr. Callan loses the income from sales. We do care of the good name Callan has and we’re working hard to find proper solutions.

I believe our cooperation with British Centre will be more efficient in future prospect. Currently we’re assessing the local market, including British Centre, for issuing license for authorized distributing of books and Callan method tuition. This process will take average three months.

- Georgia is not the only country where Callan method faces problems in respect to distribution and the authorized use of the method. How are these issues treated and solved in other countries?

- The one area where we’ve actually stepped up the distribution agreement is Slovakia. We’ve appointed a distributor in Slovakia and part of the agreement is that the distributor informs us about the schools that misuse Callan method. In Slovakia we have one school that should stop doing what they’re currently doing because they are using copied books, which is not permitted. That school has actually refused to stop breaching our copyright, so we’re taking this issue into court. We don’t really want to take schools into court because we’d like to be in friendly relations with schools but we don’t want Callan method to be misused and get a bad name.

-  Would you say there are schools in Georgia that misuse Callan method and should stop activities?

- We’ve discussed some schools that are not doing things the way they should, but I don’t want to mention any school in particular. First we have to inform those schools that what they’re doing is wrong and wait what their response will be.

We found some schools that use Callan books and tuition method without authorization. However, we don’t want to discuss this subject publicly before concrete steps are taken to regulate the issue.

- Have you met with local officials to discuss legal side of the problem?

- Not yet, not as the part of this visit. The primary focus was to see how big the problem was in Georgia.

- Why is it that Kraków school the only The Callan School of English in Kraków (ul. Mała 3) Poland is the only Callan School affiliated with the Callan School in London and to the Callan Method Organisation?

- The school in Kraków is run by a lady who actually has been a close personal friend of Mr.Callan for many years and he’s giving her a special license and special rights just as a thank you for the friendship they’re having over the years.

Note: According to the official website of Callan, with the exception of The Callan School in London, the Callan Method Organisation is not responsible for how they are run.


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