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Brangelina, feeling heat from 6 kids, to wed

Published: April 14, 2012 | 7:31 am
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In an epochal, historic event sure to echo down the generations, Angelina Jolie, 36, and Brad Pitt, 48, have announced they are to wed.

We’re all choked up. Is this how people felt when Neil Armstrong took those fateful first steps on the moon?

“It’s confirmed,” Pitt rep Cynthia Pett-Dante tells Reuters. “It is a promise for the future and their kids are very happy. There’s no date set at this time.”

Jolie this week was seen sporting a large, yet tasteful diamond ring. It was designed by Pitt especially for her, says jeweler Robert Procop, who made the magical item. “The full creative journey — from conception to completion — took a year, with Brad Pitt waiting until the perfect moment to unveil this special jewel to Angelina Jolie,” says Procop.

Brangelina — as a couple, as an idea, and as a public obsession — began forming on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which pitted Pitt and Jolie against each other as assassins. (Ah, it was 2005. The millennium was still new. Such heady times!)

Pitt actually was married at the time — to Jennifer Aniston. The dissolution of their union and Jolie’s alleged role in it kept many a gossip writer from the poorhouse for months. Jolie was previously wed, for like the blink of an eye, to Johnny Miller, and for two more blinks to Billy Bob Thornton.

Brangelina had vowed not to wed until gay marriage became legal across the country. But in recent months, they found themselves under pressure from their six children, who wanted to see them marry.

“It seems to mean more and more to our kids. We made this declaration some time ago that we weren’t going to do it till everyone can,” Pitt told the Hollywood Reporter in January. “But I don’t think we’ll be able to hold out.”

Ask us in 40 years and we’ll know exactly where we were today. How can one forget such joy?

More Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band are giving Philly another chance: The Boss, who sold out two shows at the Wells Fargo Center last month, will return Sept. 2 for a third show, this time at Citizens Bank Park. The show is part of a new leg the Boss added to his tour. He’ll play new dates in Boston, Toronto, Washington, D.C., and East Rutherford, N.J.

Will ’n’ Jada happy

“I have no idea!” So says the diminutive Jada Pinkett Smith, 40, about continuing rumors that her marriage to Philly’s proudest son, Will Smith, is all but kaput. “These rumors are completely untrue.” In a chat with French mag Gala (as reprinted on People.com), Jada says gossip flunkies at the glossies are targeting her family. “Every year, one celebrity couple is under the microscope. This year, unluckily, it’s us!” she says. “Will and I know the truth. We’re waiting peacefully for the storm to blow over.”

Baldwin: I’ll be back

Alec Baldwin isn’t really leaving his NBC show, 30 Rock, as he intimated in an angry tweet Wednesday. “As far as I know, 30 Rock is back next year. But all things must pass. New shows. New people,” he says.

Mi casa es su casa

A Jamaica, Queens, man last month broke into Sean “Diddy” Combs’ handsome East Hampton mansion, ate the hip-hop star’s food, tried on his threads, and slept in his bed, the New York Post has revealed. Quamine Taylor, 30, who had a blast for 24 hours before being arrested, told police he’s been doing the same routine at Diddy’s pad since 2001.


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