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BMW’s new launch M5 and M6 series

Published: September 24, 2012 | 9:06 am
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BMW is ready with its new cars. The first one is BMW M5 and the second one is BMW M6. They are all derived from the sedan classes 5 and 6 respectively. The cars are expected to hit the streets early in 2013.

BMW has classified these cars particularly for regular drivers. The sedan series is not for the race lovers because of the horse power. It has a horse power of 560. The prices decided as of now is $ 108,300 and $ 115,300 respectively. When you speak of the powers, 560 hp is sufficient enough for a sedan of such a range. BMW keeps its brand value in all these cars.

The M series aspirants were waiting for these cars to be launched. The 5 series started its journey in 2011 while the 6 series is a latest addition. The variants are all running successfully throughout the globe which prompted the BMW management to introduce the new variant in the form of M5 and M6.

The times of sober is supposed to end as of now. The car manufacturers are all focusing on the bringing the cars to such a level that they are ready to race. Earlier their hardly used to be any car with a horse power greater than 500 but now in the recent times there has been a lot of these. Chevy Camaro generating a 580 HP and Ford Mustang are examples of these.
The M series is a four sitter car. The performance of the car is really to be noticed. Both the cars take 4.1 seconds to reach 60 mph speed from 0 mph. the M5 is slightly weightier. It weights 4300 pound.

Speaking of the engines BMW has done quite a few changes. The old V-10 5.O liter engine is gone. They have replaced the same with a V-8 4.4 liter engine which is more efficient compared to the previous one. As per the name, the M5 and M6 both have the same engine. The difference is only in terms of the looks and the features attached to it.

As per the officials, the M5 is made to look attractive in the executive parking lots. The shape and size makes it perfect in the executive`s parking lot where as the M6 is designed for the South Beach`s ocean Drive. The sitting arrangement for four people makes it more valuable.

The doors of M6 are stylish. It has an option of fixed roof. The only loop hole found is the lack of head room. Also it lacks seat belts (practical). The hood bulges out making an impression of the shape”V”. Both the cars have electronic control.

In the town, the car will always act like an attractive beast but to get the BMW`s magic take it to the highway to make it dance in your tunes. The M5`s gas pedal is pretty delicate. If it is slapped down too quickly, it is noticed that the wheels will try to spin a bit and the back end is definitely going to steep out.


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