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Bank Republic, Société Générale Group Launches New Campaign- Down Payment from 0% on Auto Installment

Published: November 14, 2012 | 12:19 pm
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Bank Republic, Société Générale Group continues its tradition of new unprecedented offers. In the frame of the Got No Worries For A Year campaign, the bank launched best conditions and unbelievable gifts on auto installment.

Bank Republic, Société Générale Group came up with a new unique offer for auto buyers.  Those who receive salaries through Bank Republic will get 0% down payment on auto installment, for the rest- the rate will be-20-30%. Minimum income requirement is GEL 700 in Tbilisi and GEL 500 in regions.

“It’s an unprecedented offer. Those who receive salaries through Bank Republic will get 0% down payment on auto installment. The campaign is also distinguished with unique gifts: auto insurance, car wash, parking. In case you receive salary through other bank the interest rate will be 20% on new cars and 30% on used cars,” Natia Pranguashvili, Head of Sales Channels Management Department, told The COMMERCIAL TIMES.

With Bank Republic, Société Générale Group buyers will have a whole year free from car related expenses. For instance, those who purchase new cars will get: 1 year of GPI Holding car insurance, 1 year free parking– C.T. PARK, Car wash tickets for a year. Used car buyers will get a 6-month free car insurance. Both new and used car owners will be presented a full fuel tank in case the purchase is made at Auto Strada. The campaign is valid from November 12 till January 1.

According to Pranguashvili, Minimum volume of auto installment is USD/EUR 2 000 and maximum volume is- USD/EUR 100 000. “It depends on the value of the car the buyer wants to purchase.”

Whether you’re thinking of buying a brand new or used car, Bank Republic together with dealers offers maximum sophisticated services.

Brand new car can be bought at the following automobile sales centers: Hyundai, Audi, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi. Renault, Peugeot, Nissan, Subaru, Kia, Skoda, Mercedes, Ford, Range Rover, Suzuki, Toyota, Opel, Chevrolet, Mate Motors, BMW, FIAT.

Used cars can be bought at: “Iaa Westline”, Strada Auto, Mega Auto, Worldcars, Auto Credit, „Car rent and trading company” or the Rustavi auto market.

To buy a vehicle from an individual you should visit Bank Republic branch or apply the “have it sold” service at the bank’s representatives at the following dealers: “Iaa Westline”, Strada Auto, Mega auto, Worldcars.


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