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Bank Republic Société Générale Group: EACH OF US MATTERS

Published: December 3, 2012 | 11:10 am
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Bank Republic Société Générale Group’s new Global Relationship Brand Platform.

Tomorrow, on December 4 at 13:00 Bank Republic Société Générale Group will hold a press conference at D. Shevardnadze National Gallery. During the press conference the bank’s CEO Christian Carmagnolle will speak about the new global “Relationship Brand Platform.”

As you know, Bank Republic is a part of the SociétéGénérale Group, one of the largest financial groups in Europe. Bank Republic’s new global “Relationship Brand Platform,” developed by the SociétéGénérale Group is based on a revised principle expressed in a general message: “Building Team Spirit Together” and aims to strengthen its position as a brand focused on its relationship with its clients and stakeholders.

The new brand strategy of the Bank Republic SociétéGénérale Group aims to strengthen its position on the market as a socially responsible financial institution, whose goal is to offer its bank customers (both individual and corporate customers) banking products that are tailored to their financial capacity, needs and life’s pace.

As such, Bank Republic SociétéGénérale Group carries out and will continue to educational activities that help our customers manage their finances more efficiently.

The bank has developed a message that was modified to fit the local market and culture entitled “Each of us Matters.” This is not merely a communication message. This is the bank’s new brand strategy, which means that all employees and clients of our bank will form a team that is united under a one common goal, where the success of one party predetermines the progress of the other.

The idea behind “Each of Us” represents an inclusive approach and includes our clients as well as our bank employees. When the team principle is applied, it is especially important for each participant member to understand and embrace a common direction, to share similar values and to strive towards a common goal. It is particularly emphasized that each Bank Republic SociétéGénérale Group employee is as important and valuable as each client is; the roles and functions of all employees are critical for the existence of an efficient, well-run operation. In other words, our bank’s success depends on the aspirations of each individual unit and depends on a collective team spirit.

Taking into account the current environment, it is possible to say that the Georgian banking sector has reached a stage where customers have developed specific demands regarding banks. Better tariffs and conditions are no longer enough. Clients require a financial partner that can be trusted and cooperation with whom will not be limited to only one particular transaction. Our relationship with our clients is based on bilateral cooperation in which the bank acts as the client’s partner and the client’s success means the bank’s success. Such an approach is a precondition for building long-term and stable relationships between the bank and its clients. We do not force our clients to accept conditions that are not relevant to their needs; we do not offer them financing which will result in their dissatisfaction in the future; In contrary, we position our brand on the market as socially responsible leading international financing institution that aims to develop a long term relationship where the bank works alongside with its customers to help them succeed in their projects and to progress with them.

As financial experts, the bank aims to meet the needs of each consumer and assist them in making decisions beneficial to them. Banking products consist of fairly complicated and diverse content, which may confuse consumers and prompt them make poor decisions. For this very reason, it is important to provide comprehensive information to the customers and make them fully aware of the proposed products and services that the bank offers. This in turn will help them make better decisions and in the long run, this will facilitate increased customer satisfaction. This measured approach applies to both retail and corporate customers alike. Most importantly, consumers must see an individual approach and at the same time feel themselves as part of one big team they form together with the Bank Republic SocieteGenerale Group.

In order to once again strengthen our new brand positioning as relationship oriented and socially responsible financing institution we have developed so called “Relationship Mark”. Visually this mark will be placed on different projects implemented by the bank and advertisement material which will remind the customer of our values and business strategy, how we approach our clients and partners in our everyday relationship where each of us matter.

As we already have noted, “Each of Us Matters” is not only a communications message, it is the new business strategy of Bank Republic SociétéGénérale Group and will serve as the basis for making our decisions on the formation of relationships with consumers and employees, including the introduction of new products and services.

By this strategy we offer our clients more than just the best interest rates for their loans and deposits or simply a single specific product. The defining principle of our strategy is to satisfy our consumer in the long term by promoting a close relationship with our bank so that they look at us as their partner and feel comfortable applying to us for whenever they need in the future.


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