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Aversi Accuses Government of Breaking Election Promises

Published: October 11, 2013 | 8:27 am
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One of the country’s well known businessmen Paata Kurtanidze has spoken about the new government’s failure to fulfil one of its pre-election pledges. The talk is of the former Infections Hospital territory, which was bought by Aversi-Pharma for $12 250 000 in 2009. The founder of Aversi has told TV3 that to this day, the site is occupied by IDPs, preventing him from conducting investment projects. Mr. Kurtanidze has declined to specify, what type of projects he is planning to carry out.
In response, the head of the IDP Department at the IDPs, Accommodation and Refugees Ministry Murad Ablotia has stated that the organisation has not been contacted by Aversi following the change in government. He added that the building in question was purchased by the company at a time when the IDPs were already living there, meaning that according to the existing legislation, Aversi is obliged to come to an agreement with the IDPs with regards to arranging alternative housing.

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