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Askaneli Brothers to Increase Production Capacity

Published: May 24, 2013 | 12:35 pm
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(CNA)-Elite alcoholic drinks producer Askaneli Brothers plans to increase its production capacity. Jimsher Chkhaidze Askaneli, founders of the company informed mass media representatives about investment plans during the media tour held at the plant on May 23.

In his words, the company is now at the projecting phase right now. GEL 3 million will be invested in the new construction which will be built in full accordance with ISO standards. New production line will be focused both at meeting the growth demand of the existing and new markets, also increase of assortment and decent establishment of Askaneli trade mark worldwide.

Mass Media representatives were showed around the company’s plant located in Lilo. Journalists attended wine and cognac producing process, got informed about the laboratorial standards, company’s investment plans and tasted different brands of Georgian wines of different ages.

GEL 5 million was invested in the construction of the plant in 2005. Productivity of the plant is 25 000 bottles a day. It’s equipped with latest technologies by Italian Gavagnino&Gatti and Fimer and German ZEITZ filtration system. The plant has brandy and chacha producing modern equipment. Cognac alcohol and vintage wines are kept in oak barrels. Strict control of the entire production process (from grape receiving to wine pouring) conditions the high quality of the end-production. Unique and ancient cognac production equipment lets the company produce cognac in accordance with French methodology.

As for quality control, according to Tea Kituashvili, Head of the laboratory, it’s a constant process and starts with the landscape study where grape grows. The lab explores the means used in grape spraying initially and till it’s ripe, gets sugar analysis, also checks chemical and taste indicators during boiling process: “Drinks go through checking both locally and at specially accredited labs. We get certificates at independent and certified laboratories so that to have the permission to send production worldwide. It should be stressed that we choose only high quality red and white grapes from west and east Georgia. During the boiling process we use special yeast for guaranteeing alcoholic fermentation  and decreasing non-desirable aroma created during the fermentation process. We do our best to produce high quality drinks,” declared Tea Kituashvili.

In regards to quality, recently Askaneli Brothers collection has been enriched with new medals and awards: three new acknowledgements by Decanter 2013 World Wine Awards. During the awards held in London Tolikauri 2013 harvest, Roze 2012 harvest and Saperavi 2011 harvest have been awarded.

Famous specialists deliver consultations to Askaneli Brothers, among them is Ivan Prida, professor, acknowledged wine-maker in Moldova, Miloch Michlovsky, renowned Czech professor and French sommelier Hugh Bo.

Plant specialists raise their qualification systematically by trainings in Europe. Trainings are held by invited American and German technologists and specialists in Georgia as well.

The company meets high standard requirements on international markets. Drinks produced by Askaneli Brothers are exported to the U.S.A, Ukraine, China, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Belarus.

Askaneli Brothers was established 15 years ago and today it is one of the leading companies in Georgia producing elite alcohol brands. The company produces 8 types of cognac, 32 types of wine and 4 types of Chacha. Askaneli Brothers production is acknowledged to be the best. The company has received over 100 awards at different exhibitions and tasting events.

The company’s history dates back earlier. In 1880 Antimoz Chkhaidze established a wine cellar in Askana village. Wines produced by him were distinguished with diversity and special aroma. Antimoz Chkhaidze’s descendants continued the ancestor’s tradition and today they offer the best wines on Georgian and world markets.



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