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Askaneli Brothers’ Statement to Rospotrebnadzor

Published: May 16, 2013 | 12:37 pm
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(CNA)-Alcoholic drinks producer Askaneli Brothers asks for an explanation from Rospotrebnadzor regarding the spread information.

As Jimsher Chkhaidze Askaneli, one of the founders of Askaneli Brothers stated during today’s special press conference at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, the company has delivered a statement to Gennady Onishenko, Russia’s Chief Sanitary Inspector to explain the spread information about Askaneli Brothers’ cognac quality.

“Information was spread that Gennady Onishenko criticized the quality of cognac produced by Askaneli Brothers. It’s obviously a misunderstanding. We’re proud of our cognac that is sold not only in Georgia but in 15 other countries where it has a state registration and is very popular among consumers. The cognac has received gold and silver medals for its quality. That’s why we instantly officially addressed Gennady Onishenko to make an explanation. We’re waiting for a response, but we’re sure that it is a misunderstanding,” declared Jimsher Chkhaidze Askaneli.

Rospotrebnadzor specialists visited Askaneli Brothers in spring and got acquainted with the situation locally and took samples.

According to Irakli Bekauri, General Director of Askaneli Brothers, the production delivered to Rospotrebnadzor underwent three phases of quality control inspection: production process, plant laboratory and independent laboratory Wine Laboratory. The production even gained a big appreciation from the wine agency. Production samples were taken from the lines that are sent to different countries, including EU. We’ve never been criticized by officials or consumers for cognac quality so far. However, we’re ready to undergo inspection again and we wrote it in an official letter sent to Gennady Onishenko,” he stated.

Representatives from the European Organization for Quality and Giorgi Kunchulia, President of Quality Association of Georgia also attended the press conference. According to Kunchulia, Askaneli Brothers have always been known for the production quality for which the company has received international awards. The company has gone through quality management and ready-made production evaluation procedures successfully and in near future the company’s cognac and other production will get trademark marking right.

As for upcoming plans, according to the company’s general director, media tour will be organized at Askaneli Brothers plant on May 23 where journalists will be able to get informed about the entire producing cycle and will be offered various Georgian brands for tasting.

Askaneli Brothers was established 15 years ago and today it is one of the leading companies in Georgia producing elite alcohol brands. The company produces 8 types of cognac, 32 types of wine and 4 types of Chacha. Askaneli Brothers production is acknowledged to be the best. The company has received over 100 awards at different exhibitions and tasting events. Drinks produced by Askaneli brothers is exported to U.S.A, Ukraine, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Finland, Azerbaijan and Belarus. This again confirms the fact that Askaneli Brothers meets high standard requirements of international markets.

Modern plant of Askaneli Brothers is equipped with latest technologies and is one of the few factories in Georgia that has special equipment for Chacha production. Cognac alcohol and vintage wines are kept in oak barrels. Strict control of the entire production process (from grape receiving to wine pouring) conditions the high quality of the end-production.

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