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Agricultural Cooperatives

Published: November 12, 2013 | 3:48 pm
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Supporting agricultural cooperatives and encouraging the establishment of farmers’ organisations – these are the aims of the agency which has been set up by the Agriculture Ministry, and is to begin operating today. The agency will be tasked with awarding or withdrawing the status of a cooperative, monitoring, and carrying out State programmes. According to the ministry, farmers will have their costs reduced by joining a cooperative.
Based on the changes to the Tax Code, property included in a cooperative will be exempt from the property tax until 1 January 2017, while income obtained through agricultural activity will be exempt from income tax.
The European Union representative on agricultural issues in Georgia has emphasised the significance of farmers uniting in the form of cooperatives. According to a statement from the Association of Farmers, the present initiative has already attracted interest from people involved in various agricultural fields.
The minimum number of members in a cooperative will be 3 in the highland regions, and 5 in all other regions. The agency will begin the process of awarding statuses to cooperatives in December.

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