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6th Café by French Bakery Chain Entrée

Published: May 28, 2012 | 9:27 am
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SME of the Year Plans to Expand its Network Outside Georgia


French bakery chain Entrée opened a new café. The official opening of the 6th outlet of Georgian’s favorite French bakery, held on May 23, was attended by the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Ms. Vera Kobalia, Ambassador of France to Georgia Mr. Reno Salens and representatives of French community in Georgia. Guests delivered speeches about the success of Entrée brand, founded by joint investment of Georgian and French businesses, and congratulated the company on launching a new café. 86, Agmashenebeli Street is a new address to enjoy the tasty menu offer by Entrée.

According to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, successful expansion of Entrée bakery chain is a sign of small and medium enterprise (SME) development in the country.

“Entrée is an excellent example of SME in Georgia. It is a company that was granted the SME of the Year Award during the Georgian National Business Award – Mercury 2012. The company is developing rapidly in the right direction. It serves as an exceptional example of French-Georgian cooperation and investment,” declared Kobalia.

As she noted, Entrée is planning to open several new cafés so that by the end of the year the company will be presented with 10 cafeterias in Tbilisi. The number of personnel employed at Entrée will reach 200 meantime.  “It is obvious that we are pleased with the growth dynamic of SMEs in Georgia as this is the sector that plays a significant role in the development of the country’s economy.”

Entrée is striving to become an international brand and several steps are being made to achieve this goal. Expansion of the bakery chain and negotiating with foreign countries are the initial steps towards the development of the brand.

“It has been three and a half years since we opened the first shop in Tbilisi. I’m happy to see the progress we’ve made during this period. Currently, Entrée is presented only in the capital city of Georgia, but the initial concept of the project was to create an international trademark. Right now, we are negotiating with Ukraine and Azerbaijan and there are also several other countries to be considered,” stated Eugene Pichkhaia, Founder of bakery chain Entrée.

“Since 2008, when we opened the first cafeteria in Tbilisi, we had realized that we were building an international brand, a concept that would prove to be a success not only in Tbilisi, but in any other city of the world. Representatives of the business sector from Ukraine, Azerbaijan and other countries have been arriving with the will to open Entrée chain in their own countries. We are not in haste and we are analyzing each and every step carefully, in order to acquire a status of an international brand,” said Jean Michel Charles, partner of Entrée.

“I am most pleased that through French investments yet another Entrée cafeteria is opened in Tbilisi. This wonderful island of French culture has been equally popular among Georgian population and foreigners from the very first day of its opening. It is an extraordinary example of what a spectacular concept can develop by combining French and Georgian cultures,” said the Ambassador of France. “It is also important to note that the 6-th cafeteria is the first one on the left bank of the river Mtkvari,” he noted.

As Mr. Salens stated, the expansion of the bakery chain is important for Georgia. “It speaks of the free environment provided to business sector in this country.”

Entrée is a French bakery chain, opened in the late 2008. Being a French-Georgian project, Entrée offers a wide range of bakery products, exquisite exterior and sophisticated interior along with exceptional service. Cafeterias of Entrée build an original concept having a solid image of smoke and alcohol free environment where families come to enjoy time together. Entrée also offers take out packaging for all of its products including hot drinks, soups and salads.




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