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2013 Mercedes-Benz CLA180

Published: February 18, 2013 | 9:28 am
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When we talk about cars the first thing that matters for us is the speed and performance of the car. According to the news it is said that the Mercedes-Benz CLA180 cheats the wind. That means the car will now be giving even better performance for the users of the Mercedes cars. You see from the images of this car that tells how this car will actually be using the wind-cheating features.

This is one of the new cars that will soon be available in markets by a very well known car making company Mercedes. As it is stated by the company that this car will be one of the most productive and one of the best aerodynamically design car. It is said that the car will be available for the customers in Europe in the June of this year.

In one of the world known car event the Geneva motor show, which will be hidden in the month of March this year CLA model will be making their public debut.

The dra g coefficient of the car is about 0.22. It is good as the BlueEfficiency Edition of the CLA180 has a low 0.22 drag rating that helps it to beat the aerodynamic champion that are available at present. However the Mercedes B180 BlueEfficiency have a choice so you can have an Eco technology package, this package will be having a 0.24 CD. In comparison to this, other similar options that we use at present in the market like the Toyota Prius and BMW 320d have a rating of 0.25 Cd and 0.26 Cd respectively.

The design is made to have a good wind cheating speed, for that the changes in the front of the car are made, and now CLA180 Blue Efficiency Edition’s have a 23.8 square foot front area. This is something that we cannot find in almost all the other models of this series.

As it is designed for the speed and performance, it has some of the additional features added. The car will get all the power from it .6-liter four-cylinder direct-injection gasoline engine. This engine is made an d designed by the Renault Company. The engine is capable of giving about 0 to 62 mph in 9.9 seconds, which is a good pick up time. The top speed of the car that is calculated electronically is about 118mph respectively.

CLA180 BlueEfficiency Edition can give a 47.0 mpg in the European test method and have given quite a good number then what was calculated earlier in the US test. Therefore, by doing a comparison of all the things the car is said to be at 43.6 mpg.

In the summers, the new and fresh capacity in the car includes 62.3-foot-long floor area for the passengers and it can give a speed up to 165 mph, which is not bad after all. The car can get to a wind resistance that is said to be about 29.5 feet in diameter, it uses almost 18 blades and in total, it can give about 7,063 cubic feet of the wind. The electronic motor in the car is capable of producing 148,991 lb-ft of torque.


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